Who wants some Rye?


We set an ambitious target, but it looks like things are coming together for the release of our Rye Whiskey this week. Last weekend, Thomas and I selected the barrels that are going into Batch #09-01. On Thursday, we got official word from the State Liquor Authority that our label was approved. On Friday, we blended and cut the whiskey to bottle strength (91 proof). Lots of labeling this weekend.

We’re thrilled with the results. The whiskey is very mature for its age. It has the spicy characteristic that Rye is known for, but finishes exceptionally smooth. You’ll taste notes of butterscotch, cardamom, and black licorice. Something about it reminds me of a big fruitcake.

We’ve got a great week lined up. We’re pouring the Rye (as well as our Corn Whiskey and Gin) at WhiskyFest NY in Manhattan on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we’re pouring at the Brandy Library in Tribeca.

For those of you in the Finger Lakes, the Rye will be available for sale on Friday afternoon. We’re also moving some out to retailers for sale later this week.

I’ve posted some pictures from the past week below. The first one is a picture of us blending the selected barrels. We pump into the big tank, but I wanted to make sure we got every ounce. Meryl (pictured on the right) is taking copious notes. The second photo is of the first aged whiskey ever bottled at Finger Lakes Distilling and the third sums up how excited we are to make our Rye available to the public. Hope you enjoy it!

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