The Who

This workshop is designed specifically for groups of 1-14 people to create their own blend of gin, distill it, and receive 40 bottles (375 mL) of their own masterful creation! This program is great for friends or families, corporate retreats, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or even a solo venture. Whether you’re a gin connoisseur or a botanical novice, the OriGINal Gin Workshop is fun, educational and rewarding for everyone!

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The What

The purpose of the OriGINal Gin program is to provide your group with the opportunity to create a unique gin blend that’s just perfect for your taste. You will have a hand in every single step of the process, from botanical selection all the way down to applying the labels to the bottles yourself. Your complete package includes:

  • Meet FLD Founder & President Brian McKenzie and FLD Head Distiller Jared Baker, Ph.D.
  • Full hands-on involvement in the production of your gin, including botanical sampling and gin formulating session, grinding botanicals and running your original gin recipe on our “Wee Still”
  • Complete tour of the Finger Lakes Distilling facility, including Q&A
  • Class on the history and production of gin led by Brian McKenzie (snacks provided)
  • Handwriting and applying your own label to the bottles to reflect your OriGINal gin recipe
  • 40 (375 mL) bottles of your OriGINal Gin to be split among your group. Please allow 2-4 business days for your gin to be bottled and ready for pick up/delivery.

The When

The OriGINal Gin Workshop is all about you, so you get to choose when you would like to schedule your session! We ask that you plan your workshop with us a minimum of two weeks ahead by contacting Patricia at or (607) 368-3523, ext. 11 with a few dates that would work for you. The workshop lasts approximately 4-4.5 hours, so we recommend you start at either 9 am or 1 pm.

The Where

Finger Lakes Distilling, of course!

The How (Much)

The OriGINal Gin Workshop is priced at $1,200 total. This includes all of the fun listed above in The What section and can be divided among your group.

We’re excited to work with you on planning out your perfect OriGINal Gin experience. Contact to schedule your workshop or to ask a question!