Who We Are

We are producers and purveyors of McKenzie Whiskey. 

We are also a New York State Farm Distillery, which means that we’re a small operation making a handcrafted product. We use locally grown fruits and grains to make high quality, handcrafted spirits. 

We’re able to devote all our attention to everything we make; we don’t take any shortcuts. Our flavored vodkas an liqueurs are made in the traditional manner, by soaking real fruits in the spirit. We don’t add extracts or synthetic flavoring to speed up the process. Our whiskies rest in oak barrels for as long as they need to, until they mature into the rich aged spirit we offer with pride. 

Our Vision

FLD Building shotAlthough the distillery is young, our vision is built on a foundation of tradition.

The design of our distillery is inspired by the classic style of Scottish whisky distilleries, with its white walls, black trim, and elegant pagoda roof.

Inside the distillery is spacious and sunlit, with the stills and barrels full of slowly aging whiskey viewable from the tasting room and store.

Keeping with our traditional vision, we believe in minimizing waste and using everything. Spent grains from fermentation are used by local farmers as animal feed. The oak floors of our distillery are reclaimed siding from a tobacco barn in Kentucky, and the wood bordering our tasting bar also used to be part of a local barn.

In line with our commitment to honest products and services, Finger Lakes Distilling maintains a transparent and clearly communicated privacy policy available here for our customers and website visitors.