Liqueur Process

Our liqueurs have been described as the “secret weapon” in our arsenal of Finger Lakes Distilling products – just enough sweetness to take the edge off of the spirit, but not as syrupy as the mass-market brands. The key is using real, local fruit.

We start with a neutral spirit distilled primarily from grapes. We then macerate local fruit such as black currants, cherries, and raspberries. The solution is then pressed and sweetened slightly with sugar. We dial in the correct proof and then filter before hand bottling here at Finger Lakes Distilling.

In the case of our Maplejack Liqueur, we start with an apple brandy that has been aged in our used bourbon barrels. We then cut the brandy with some local maple syrup before filtering and bottling. It’s a stronger liqueur, but ideal to sip on after dinner or as an accompanying ingredient in a great cocktail.