Gin Process

Our gins have won a number of awards and have garnered praise from several national publications. Much of the positive attention can be credited to our unique production methods.

The first step to making gin is creating a neutral base spirit. Most gins utilize mass-produced beverage ethanol, or grain neutral spirit. We manufacture the majority (75%) of our own base spirit from local grapes, a raw material that is not commonly used for gin, but that lends some additional flavor and mouthfeel to the finished product.

To infuse the neutral spirit with flavor, we macerate botanicals such as juniper, citrus peel, coriander, and fresh cucumbers. By soaking the botanicals directly in the spirit, we create a gin with more flavor than those that utilize botanical baskets.

This mixture of neutral spirit and botanicals is then pot distilled, filling the distillery with wonderful aroma. Each botanical has it’s own boiling point, so at various points in the run you will smell citrus, licorice, cardamom or any of the other high quality botanicals that we include in our recipe. In the end, the flavors meld into a well balanced, smooth spirit before cutting, filtering and bottling.