ShenaniGINS Galore!


We’re taking shenanigans to a whole new level here at FLD where you can host your own ShenaniGIN for your upcoming celebrations! Our OriGINal Gin Workshop is a fun and memorable experience to commemorate all kinds of occasions.

The OriGINal Gin Workshop is exclusively available here at Finger Lakes Distilling, where our team walks you through the entire process of creating, blending, and distilling your very own unique blend of gin. The 4-5 hour experience begins with a handcrafted cocktail to welcome your group, along with a brief Gin 101 course. Our head distiller explains the process of blending different botanicals to combine and create the flavors that will make your gin POP! Your group can work collectively as a team or against one another competition-style to experiment with different botanical flavors and perfect your flavor blend. 

Once your group has chosen the final blend and quantity of botanicals that will make up your gin, you’ll get to grind the botanicals by hand in to a ‘potpourri’ of dried herb and floral goodness that will go in to the gin basket of our tiny copper still. Your group will head to the production floor with our head distiller to fire up the still and witness the entire process. While the still works her magic, you’ll get to tour the entire facility, then sample some of our other products while you customize your bottles with signature labels featuring your name and all the botanicals in YOUR OriGINal Gin! By the end of the program, you’ll leave with 40 bottles of gin and a big ol’ gin grin on your face!

Check out our list below of awesome ways to make OriGINal Gin part of your next celebration!

  1. Birthdays 🎈

    Spice up that annual birthday wine tour. The workshop lasts about 4-5 hours, so you can either make FLD your only stop for the day, or tie it in to a full day of fun on Seneca Lake. You can comfortably bring up to 14 people, so get your close friends and family together for a fun, informational, and rather boozy experience to share together here at Finger Lakes Distilling. Customize your OriGINal Gin bottles with birthday messages, notes, the days date, or whatever other fun ideas you have to commemorate the day. We’ll supply the drinks if you bring the cake! 🍰

  2. Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties 💍

    Gather the guys or the girls or just bring the whole wedding party together for a joint experience! Making your own gin already includes all of the obligatory alcohol involved in bachelor and bachelorette parties – all you need to bring is your wedding party! Bottles can be labeled and personalized to commemorate the party, PLUS, there’s no chance of accidentally getting loaded on muscle relaxers on the flight to Vegas and ruining the bachelorette weekend!

  3. Family Activities & Reunions 

    Let’s face it, the kiddos are all grown and starting their own families with their significant others. The trips to your local amusement park just aren’t cutting it anymore for family fun time, and to be honest, everyone could probably use a big, boozy break from the grandkids. So call a sitter and get the ol’ gang back together for a little Family Reunion with the OriGINal Gin Workshop! No need for any family feuding when there’s 40 bottles of gin to split!

  4. Wedding ShenaniGINS 👰🤵🍸

    There are so many fun and meaningful ways to work this workshop in to a wedding!
    – Make it a Gift! 🎁 Get a group together to make a batch of gin and present it to the happy couple as a group gift on their wedding day. Mark the bottles numerically to represent the many years they’ll spend together, and include a photo album of pics from the day you all spent together here at FLD making their gin!
    – Purchase the workshop package and gift it to the happy couple to come visit FLD themselves and make their gin together as husband and wife, husband and husband, wife and wife, alien and alien – whatever works!
    – If you’re about to get hitched, make your party memorable by coming out to FLD with your betrothed to make your own batch of gin, then either use those 40 bottles to serve drinks at your wedding, or give them away to your guests as wedding favors!

  5. Anniversaries

    Copy the newlyweds trick from above ⬆ and make the OriGINal Gin Workshop part of your celebration! Either gather some friends to join in on the fun, or attend yourselves and make a big ol’ batch of gin to last all throughout your happily ever after together. Customizing your labels makes this a great activity to commemorate these big occasions 😊

  6. Corporate Retreat & Team Building 💪

    Remember how we mentioned way up there ⬆ that your group can work collectively to come up with your gin recipe? Trust us, it’s a great team building exercise to bring different folks together to agree on one blend of flavors. We’ll make you beat the clock to come up with a gin that wows our judging panel of head distiller Jared and FLD owner Brian. 

Click Here to learn more about the OriGINal Gin Workshop and how to book your experience! Please let us know if you intend to book the Gin Workshop for any of the above purposes, and we will do our absolute best to accommodate you and make your day extra incredible!