Liqueur_webSweet, fun, and fruity, our range includes traditional offerings like Cassis liqueur as well as our off-the-beaten-trail Maplejack liqueur. As with all Finger Lakes Distilling products, no artificial colors, flavors, or additives are used. Our liqueurs show their best side when they’re part of a great mixed drink.

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Tasting Notes

Cassis, Raspberry and Cherry Liqueur

These fruit-based liqueurs are all made in the same traditional manner, by soaking the fruit in a neutral spirit, then sweetening to taste. All our liqueurs are natural with no artificial flavors, and remain very true to the character of the fruit. Sip these neat, pour them over ice cream, or mix them in an elegant cocktail or champagne. 
375 ml  |  48 proof

Maplejack Liqueur

Maplejack Liqueur starts as an apple brandy made from New York State apples. It is aged in oak barrels and sweetened with local maple syrup. Aromas of caramel and mulled cider greet you. The palate is round, with just a touch of sweetness from the maple syrup.
375 ml  |  70 proof