Our gins are made in the traditional way: using natural botanicals macerated in the spirit. Vibrant and complex, these clear spirits can be enjoyed on the rocks or in a cocktail.

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Tasting Notes


                         Seneca Drums Gin

Seneca Drums Gin is an expressive, yet harmonious, dry gin, distilled from our own local grape spirit and a signature blend of 11 botanicals. Voted New York’s Best Spirit at the Food & Wine Classic, this gin is zippy and fresh – it will keep you coming back for more, with notes of citrus peel, juniper, cucumber, clove and light anise.
750 ml  |  86 proof  

Green gin bottleMcKenzie Distiller’s Reserve Gin

McKenzie Distiller’s Reserve Gin is a traditional London-style dry gin. This gin features bright citrus flavors on the palate with a clean, crisp finish. Ideal for a dry martini, though it really shines straight up.

750 ml  |  91 proof