Brandy & Grappa

Distilled from local fruits, our brandies are designed for sipping after a great meal or in front of the fire. They also work well in your favorite cocktails.

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Tasting Notes


Riesling Grappa

Grappa is unaged pomace brandy made from highly aromatic Finger Lakes grapes. We crush and ferment the entire grape – seeds, skins, and all- then distill to concentrate the flavors typically associated with these varietals. Our Riesling variety displays lemon and grassy notes.

375 ml  |  90 proof  





Grape Brandy

Grape Brandy is an aged, Cognac-style brandy made from a blend of vinifera and native grapes, all grown here in the Finger Lakes. Patiently aged in used whiskey barrels, this brandy has a gentle balance of fruit and oak and finishes smooth with a nice long duration. Look for vanilla and tangerine on the nose and a creamy palate that is reminiscent of rum raisin ice cream.
750 ml  |  90 proof  


Pear Brandy 

Pear Brandy is an 

375 ml  |  80 proof