New York State Distillers Guild Launches New Website


Thanks to the New York State Distillers Guild (NYSDG), planning your New York distillery visits has never been easier! The Guild announced the launch of their new website,, your one-stop source of information about craft spirits and their production in New York State.

Our own founder and president, Brian McKenzie, just concluded his 2-year service as President of the NYSDG as well. You could say it’s a suitable title for him (McKenzie for America, 2020?), but Brian sees the strength of the guild in the combined power of passionate voices to promote a positive business environment that fosters the craft distilling industry. In a recent interview, he spoke on the beginnings of Finger Lakes Distilling, stating, “After coming up with the idea for a distillery in wine country, I learned very quickly that my business model wouldn’t work. At that time, distilleries were not allowed to host visitors for tastings and sales. Instead of giving up, I worked closely with a few other NY distilling pioneers and the NY Farm Bureau to lobby for legislation that ultimately created a new license class in the State – the Farm Distilling license.” 

Soon after, the New York State Distillers Guild was founded in 2013 and now has more than 60 members located throughout the state. The Guild’s mission is to promote and advocate for the distilling industry in New York State through the collective voice of members and to generate high quality, reputable and successful distilled spirits in New York State. Since its founding, the Guild has grown to include members located in all 11 regions in New York State including farm and urban distilleries. makes finding your new favorite spirits a fast and simple process. The site is divided into 5 sections: Explore Regions, Find Our Producers, Explore Trails, Learn the History and Learn About Distilling. Current trails include the Hudson Valley and NYC, but new trails are still developing. You can search for producers by region or by spirit, and a handy little icon tells you which distilleries offer tastings. Each producer has their own page, including a description of the company and a listing of their products with tasting notes, reviews and awards. This site is packed with information about distilling, the development of the craft in New York State, and all of the available locations and products to indulge in right here in New York. Visit today to start planning your distillery visits and find some tasty new distilled spirits.


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