New at FLD!


The summer’s almost over, and it has been a busy season for FLD. We are excited to announce that we have officially expanded into new, out-of-state markets, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois! Washington State en route as well! Keep your eyes on our distribution page for an up-to-date and ever-expanding list of all the places where you can find our spirits.

In addition, FLD celebrated its two-year anniversary with a staff party at brew pub Two Goats. We enjoyed each others’ company over a pint or two, and ate some delicious FLD spirit-infused food, including McKenzie Bourbon BBQ meatballs, shrimp cocktail with Glen Thunder sauce, and Vintner’s Vodka-enhanced fruit salad.

We’ve moved into our 5th batch of McKenzie Bourbon and Rye, as well as a new batch of Vintner’s Vodka that we think you’ll love. We have also retired the peach and currant brandies so that we can focus on bringing you new and different superior spirits (spoiler alert— new whiskeys, coming soon!).

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