Manhattan Cocktail Classic Recap


Why would I be posting about an event that happened over a week ago? If you attended the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, you would understand. It was the type of event that might put you out of commission for a period of time…a five-day festival centered around “The Cocktail”, parties ’til the wee hours, pouring tastings for 7-8 hour stretches, all located in the heart of NYC.

The event got widespread media attention. Here is an article that appeared in the Wall St Journal and here is a clip that appeared on CBS News.

The weekend kicked off with the gala event held at the NY Public Library on Friday night. We were greeted by Oompa Loompas at the door.

(photo courtesy of Nikola Tamindzic)

If that didn’t give you the impression that things were a bit over-the-top, it was very apparent when you saw “Queen Victoria” enjoying a martini over the Hendrick’s display.

(photo courtesy of Nikola Tamindzic)

Probably one of the best parties I’ve been too. The setting was incredible, cocktails were on the money, and we made some great contacts. Pictured below (L to R) Alexis Kahn (our NYC sales representative), me, Jenny, Noah Shannon (Alexis’s husband) and our good friend Steve Shaw, who represents several high-end spirits brands while also supporting one of our favorite Finger Lakes wineries, Shaw Vineyards.

(photo courtesy of Eric Strauss)

We were back at work on Sunday from 1 to 9 p.m. at the Micro Spirits Odyssey. The venue (Butter) was packed all day and the staff from Hush Cocktails came up with some incredible drinks. I also sat on a panel at the event, discussing the benefits of our industry to NYS agriculture. Below is a picture of Jenny and me pouring our wares for a serious spirits enthusiast (he liked them).

(photo courtesy of Phil Anema)

What an incredible event. Kudos to Lesley Townsend and all the people that made it a success. Can’t wait until next year!
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