Joining the DISCUS Craft Distillery Advisory Council


For years, the Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS) has helped the largest spirits companies in the world shape public policy and perception with regards to high proof alcoholic beverages. A few weeks ago, it became clear to me that the growing craft distilling industry had caught their attention. I received a call regarding the formation of a Craft Distillers DISCUS membership. I also had the honor of being asked to sit on the 11-member Advisory Council for Craft Distillers. I consider this a testament to what we’re doing at Finger Lakes Distilling, as there are now over 200 small distilleries they could have chosen from to serve in this capacity.

This news was released today and I’m thrilled to be involved. I believe we can help DISCUS achieve their goals of promoting the responsible enjoyment of spirits. We can also attest to the economic benefits of the craft distillation movement – new jobs, tax revenues, value-added use for agriculture products, tourism, etc.

I’m looking forward to getting involved with this organization, learning from its more established members, and helping to promote our industry in any way we can.

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