Happy Fall Y’all: Harvest Season @ FLD


Is there really anything more beautiful than a Finger Lakes fall? Here at FLD, we get to see all of the stunning sights that Seneca Lake has to offer, but there’s nothing quite as picturesque as fall. Leaves changing color and falling, autumn breezes blowing waves across the water, lakeside sunset views, and not to mention the deliciously sweet scent of ripe Concord grapes drifting through the air.  Basically, autumn in the Finger Lakes is AWESOME.



But of course, the most important part of fall is harvest season. Here in the Finger Lakes, we along with all of our neighboring wineries took to the fields to pick fresh grapes for our next delicious batches of spirits and wines. Earlier this month, we gathered our staff for a beautiful morning of grape picking in our humble vineyards of Concord and Niagara grapes. We sent our grapes straight in to production with head distiller Jared Baker, where they’re being mashed, fermented, and distilled in to a small batch of grape brandy.

Despite our valiant efforts, we still have LOTS of grapes hanging out in the vineyard. At our annual Harvest Party this year, we asked all of our visitors to pick their own grapes and enjoy the view. This family friendly event had a new twist this year as we set out to support the Kramer Foundation – a local rehabilitation center for dogs that demonstrate aggressive behaviors or have come from abusive backgrounds. Kramer Foundation founder Juli Lathrop has been running the Foundation out of her home for years, often having 40 or more dogs at once being sheltered and trained for new lives as work, search or therapy dogs. Thanks to local fundraising efforts, Juli now has a new kennel to shelter the dogs. By the end of our Howlin’ Harvest Party for the Kramer Foundation, Juli had collected another $2,300 to help fund the new facilities and provide a comfortable new (temporary) home for our four legged friends while they go through training.

You-Pick grapes are STILL available in our vineyards here at FLD. Stop by our tasting room during our regular business hours of 11 am – 5 pm daily to get started picking your very own fresh, sweet Concord grapes!

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