Happy Birthday FLD.


1 year ago on July 17, we opened the doors of our tasting room without a lot of fanfare. Since then, we’ve hosted thousands of visitors, perfected the quarter ounce pour, and had a great time along the way. We’d like to thank all of you for your support in Year #1.

With the craziness of the season upon us again, we haven’t had time to plan a proper celebration for our fans and customers (perhaps something this fall?), but we did want to recognize the contributions of our excellent staff in making our first year a success.

Those of you that have visited our tasting room know how lucky we are to have personable, well educated staff members. We constantly get comments from customers about what a great experience they’ve had meeting with our people.

Last night we celebrated with a cruise aboard the Malabar VII Schooner – True Love. It was a perfect night for a sail – mix of sun and clouds with a nice wind. Great food, lots of laughs and of course, a few cocktails, were enjoyed by all.

Anyone visiting our area should make a charter on True Love part of the experience.

Thanks again to all of you for making it a memorable year!

The FLD crew getting ready to board
Some of the FLD girls on the deck of True Love

Thomas and Bill discussing something very important, I’m sure

Glenn & Mike
Docking for the night back in beautiful Watkins Glen
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