Great Gifts for Dad


With Father’s Day swiftly approaching this month, we know the number one question on everyone’s mind – will a tie really suffice this year? The answer is no. Unless the tie in question is reversible featuring a variety of bad ass medieval weaponry on one side and a remarkably patriotic assembly of eagles and presidents and cannon fire on the other, and if that tie in question can’t shoot of fireworks and pour a shot of bourbon on command, THEN IT’S NOT COOL ENOUGH!

Get your dad something as awesome as he is! Try one of our great gift ideas for your padre this year, and be sure to bring pops in for a drink on Father’s Day when we will be serving Buy One, Get One free cocktails for you and your dad!

1. Age Your Own Whiskey Barrel

Perfect for the DIY dad! These comprehensive kits have all the tools to age your own rye whiskey. Get creative and add a splash of our Cherry Liqueur and a few drops of bitters for a barrel aged McKenzie Rye Manhattan. Kits come in 2 liter or 5 liter sizes!

2. Whiskey, Whiskey and more Whiskey 🥃

Our small batch McKenzie Whiskeys are always a winner for the refined father who likes to sip on something hand-crafted with quality ingredients. For the dad that already has a favorite, pick up a full size bottle and a couple of rocks glasses to toast to his awesomeness! Or for the adventurous fellow still exploring the whiskey world, try our McKenzie Whiskey Sampler pack, featuring 3 x 200 mL bottles of our Bourbon, Rye and Pot Still Whiskeys.

3. It’s our Gin in a Box 🎵

Have you heard about this new ground breaking development?! Finger Lakes Distilling came up with a new way to help treat those of us suffering from the commonly diagnosed Seneca Drums Gin withdrawal. Winter has been so chilly and windy that all we’ve had to drink is whiskey! And, like, water. Ya know. for hydration. But our bodies are now desperately seeking the cool refreshing effects of Seneca Drums Gin, conveniently available in a 1.75 Liter box featuring an easy-pour spout! For the dad that loves to spend the day hanging out on the boat enjoying an icy, bubbly gin & tonic, the Seneca Drums boxed gin is a perfect addition to the boat bar. No glass = no risk of tumbling and breaking when you catch a rocky wave. Did we mention it’s 100% recyclable materials?!

4. Class in a Flask

Classy. Refined. Sophisticated. Any of these words reminding you of your old man? Perhaps he might enjoy a hand rolled cigar infused with McKenzie Bourbon Whiskey. Our humidor is filled courtesy of our friends at D’Angelo Cigars. Rocco uses our Bourbon Whiskey and Cassis Liqueur to infuse and flavor the tobacco in these robusto and panatella cigars. Add some flare to this gift by pairing it with a combination flask and cigar holder available in our tasting room gift shop!

5. Quality Time with Quality Booze

Maybe dad is not only in to drinking the whiskey, but also learning all about where it comes from! Book a distillery tour at Finger Lakes Distilling and spend some quality time with dad while you tour our production floor featuring 3 copper stills and 6 fermenters, walk through our bottling operations and explore the sights and scents of our new barrel aging warehouse. Tours are available every Saturday morning at 11 am, and space is limited, so book yours now!

None of these sounding like the perfect present? Stop in and explore the rest of our shop where we also have a variety of glassware, barware, games, apparel, mixers and books filled with whiskey history and cocktail recipes. And don’t forget Buy One Get One Free cocktails for dads on Sunday, June 17th!


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