FLD Featured Staff: Glenn Grottenthaler


Over the next few months we will be introducing some staff members who you might run into during a trip to our distillery. Between customers coming in, I had the opportunity to talk with one of our tasting room managers and longest running staff members, Glenn Grottenthaler.

Glenn has been an asset to FLD since he started with us, which has been since the tasting room opened. We have been lucky to have Glenn since the start as he has personally helped in training most of our tasting room staff, taken part in establishing how our tasting room works, and generally been a fun guy to be around.


Glenn was hired with no interview, as he and our President, Brian, go way back. Brian was Glenn’s student at Ernie Davis Jr. High in Elmira, NY (where he was known as “Mr. G.”)  and they also spent lots of time together through the school ski program that was coordinated through Glenn. Brian has always held Glenn in the highest regard and was really honored to have him join our business right out of the gates. Glenn had an interest in spirits and considered the opportunity to work at a distillery intriguing. Recently retired from education, he saw this an opportunity to keep busy (Glenn does not like to stay idle) and learn about something he finds fascinating. Glenn’s favorite product we make is our Maplejack liqueur, which he prefers served neat and not over pancakes like some of our staff would recommend (he prefers waffles). He also has a taste for our Seneca Drums Gin.

Of all the aspects of his job, Glenn finds the interaction with the customers and his fellow staff members the most rewarding. He stated during conversation, “Everybody is out here just to enjoy themselves, and your job is to be nothing more than the person who enhances it”.

We welcome you to come and visit us soon at Finger Lakes Distilling and please do yourself a favor and meet Glenn if he’s behind the bar.

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