December Production Updates & Single Barrel Experiments!


Things have been quite busy in production.  We finally finished our fruit-based spirits production; making grape, pear and apple brandy, and a Riesling grappa.  Now we are shifting our focus back to whiskey production.  In addition to putting up more barrels filled with McKenzie bourbon and rye, we are experimenting with a few new mash bills to expand our single barrel varieties.  We decided to add some corn to a rye whiskey mash – giving us a high-corn rye whiskey akin to some of the varieties you’d find coming out of the south.  We also put up a few barrels filled with a 4-grain rye whiskey made from spelt, oats, malted rye and rye.  Additionally, we smoked 150 lbs of malted barley in an offset smoker using cherry and hickory.  This was used to make a smoked bourbon with the standard McKenzie bourbon mash bill.  We are excited about these new varieties and now all we have to do is wait for the barrel to work its magic!

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