Cherry Liqueur Now Available!


We bottled our first batch of cherry liqueur last week and based on this weekend’s sales, I think we have a winner. The liqueur is made by soaking fresh local cherries in our grape neutral spirit. We then dilute to 48 proof, sweeten it up a little, and then filter it. It remains very true to the flavor of the fruit, with a natural tartness that gives it some complexity.

Have any ideas for cocktails with this liqueur? If so, please submit them through our website. We’d love to hear from you. I’ve tried it along with our Seneca Drums Gin and lemon in an Aviation. I also think it might do well in some whiskey cocktails.

As with most of our cordials, Cherry Liqueur is only available at the distillery. We have begun distributing our Cassis (black currant liqueur), however, so look for that at your favorite retailer.

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