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Last week FLD friends and staff woke up early, for a grape harvest and breakfast party. We picked the dark, round Concord grapes from our vines on a beautiful, sunny Finger Lakes Fall morning.The grapes that we picked were then pressed, along with the ones that were picked by a machine.The sweet juice…(Read More)

Some more cocktail ideas from our tasting room! Two whiskey lovers and long-time FLD employees talk about their experience at FLD and their favorite ways to drink our spirits. Tom is an encyclopedia of all things whiskey-related. Originally from Wisconsin, he’s been working at FLD since October of last year. “My favorite…(Read More)

[the previous installment discussed the grains, the preparation of the mash, and the fermentation process used in the making of McKenzie Bourbon] The fermentation process for our bourbon takes about three days— that’s when the yeast converts the sugar produced from the mashing process into alcohol, carbon dioxide, and heat. During this time, the…(Read More)

There are lots of ways to enjoy the summer months- but in the Finger Lakes region in particular, it seemslike a crime not to take in the beauty of the season with some outdoor adventures. As you plan your summer visit to our tasting room (of course!), check out some of these other wonderful Finger…(Read More)

The summer’s almost over, and it has been a busy season for FLD. We are excited to announce that we have officially expanded into new, out-of-state markets, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois! Washington State en route as well! Keep your eyes on our distribution page for an up-to-date and…(Read More)

When you visit our tasting room, or purchase a bottle of our spirits at a liquor store or in a cocktail at a restaurant, you might admire the playful bottle designs, or the smoothness of our products on your tongue. But this is only half of the picture- most of the work happens behind the…(Read More)

Meet some of our tasting room staff and friends of FLD! They hail from all over the country, from New York to Alabama to Texas, and represent many different backgrounds and aspirations. We will periodically feature staff members on the blog, so even if you can’t literally make it into our tasting room, you…(Read More)

Since we have been a bit negligent about maintaining this blog for the past several months, we feel it’s necessary to introduce ourselves and our spirits so you all can get a sense of who we are and what we do here. To start out the reintroduction process, some notes on our spirits from…(Read More)

Well, it sure has been awhile since our last update. The weather is getting warmer, and business at FLD is heating up too. We’re going to try to update our blog more regularly, to keep you all informed of the new and exciting goings-on around here! As summer on Seneca Lake sparkles into…(Read More)

If you didn’t catch our December newsletter, here it is. We included a great gift guide, so if you’re looking for a last minute idea, come see us at the distillery.Holiday Gift GuideIf you are looking for a unique gift this holiday season, FLD might be the place to shop. Whether it…(Read More)

Click here to read the latest. Peach brandy will be on the shelf tomorrow at the distillery. Come get a bottle – tastes very similar to the brandy we helped make at Mt. Vernon…(Read More)

The past few days have been filled with some of the most memorable experiences we’ve had since starting Finger Lakes Distilling. As I mentioned in our last newsletter, we were recently asked to participate in the re-creation of George Washington’s peach brandy down at his reconstructed distillery in Mt. Vernon.It’s…(Read More)

Great news yesterday: our Seneca Drums Gin was named Best NY Spirit at the NY Wine & Food Classic. The esteemed panel of judges selected Seneca Drums over 17 other NY-produced brands. Read on for the full press release.Watkins Glen, New York, AUGUST 17—Swedish Hill Winery Riesling Cuvee from the Finger Lakes won…(Read More)

1 year ago on July 17, we opened the doors of our tasting room without a lot of fanfare. Since then, we’ve hosted thousands of visitors, perfected the quarter ounce pour, and had a great time along the way. We’d like to thank all of you for your support in Year #1.With…(Read More)

Sad to say, we are officially out of Bourbon. The last 3 cases moved out of our tasting room yesterday afternoon.Fortunately, Rye Batch #2 is here to save the day. We are bottling it fast and furiously and have some available in the tasting room today. It tastes very similar to Batch #1. One…(Read More)

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