We take a lot of pride in our whiskies.  McKenzie Whiskeys are made from only the best ingredients, and are distilled using old-time techniques. Handmade and un-chillfiltered, these fine spirits have rich, complex flavors and smooth, colorful finishes. Superb straight-up or on the rocks, but they also stand up well in a variety of cocktails

We also offer a selection of unaged whiskies. These clear, grain based spirits are often better suited to mixing than their aged, sipping-whiskey counterparts. 

Interested in aging your own batch of whiskey at home? We also offer whiskey aging kits at our distillery store.  The kit includes 2 bottles of our McKenzie Rye Whitedog and a 2-liter barrel with stand. 

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Tasting Notes

unaged, white whiskeys

Whiskey_whiteWhite Pike Whiskey

White Pike Whiskey is a refined spirit made from a signature blend of locally grown corn, spelt and malted wheat. Distilled with precision and aged 18 minutes. White Pike is rich through the middle and finishes smooth, still young enough to mix in ways brown whiskeys won’t. Master Distiller Thomas Earl says: “Smells like harvest time in a cornfield but in a creamy kind of way. This stuff is good as a mixer or a little nip with a taste of water behind it. Just the way I like it.”
750 ml   |  80 proof   |  $34.00

Whiskey_thunderGlen Thunder 

Glen Thunder is a fine-tuned, true American corn whiskey, made to honor one of America’s greatest raceways, Watkins Glen. The mellow corn flavors give it the feel of a smooth ride, but don’t be fooled, because it’s still got plenty of horsepower. The aroma of this whiskey is reminiscent of pulling back the husk from an ear of sweet summer corn. Master Distiller Thomas Earl says: “This is an honest, true corn whiskey, made like they do it in the hills and hollers of South Alabama. It smells like Duncan Hines cake mix comin’ off the still. Yankees beware, put some south in yo mouth!”
375/750 ml   |   90 proof   |  $12.00/$22.00

cask aged whiskeys

Whiskey_PurePotMcKenzie Pure Potstill Whiskey

McKenzie Pure Potstill Whiskey  is our take on an Irish-style whiskey – soft, smooth and easy drinking. We use a combination of locally-grown unmalted barley and malted barley. The whiskey is aged in our used bourbon and rye barrels. Master Distiller Thomas Earl says: “Our Potstill Whiskey is a richer version of the commercial Irish whiskies on the market. It’s full of flavor, but smooth as silk stockings.”
750 ml   |  80 proof   |  $42.00

Whiskey_wheatMcKenzie Wheat Whiskey

McKenzie Wheat Whiskey  is made from 60% wheat, 20% corn and 20% malted barley. The whiskey is aged for about 2 years in our used bourbon and rye barrels. The end result is an exceptionally soft whiskey with notes of toffee, cherry-vanilla, and toasted oak. Master Distiller, Thomas Earl says: “It just tastes like whiskies oughta taste.”
750 ml   |  91 proof   |  $42.00


Whiskey_bourbonMcKenzie Bourbon Whiskey

McKenzie Bourbon Whiskey is a very rich bourbon with just enough rye spice to complement the subtle sweetness. A local variety of corn makes 70% of the mash bill. We age in new charred barrels and finish in local chardonnay casks, which gives the bourbon a round, buttery finish. Master Distiller Thomas Earl says: “Some folks think you can only make bourbon in Kentucky. Bull. We went way back for this bourbon, aging it at a lower proof for that good old fashioned bourbon flavor.”
750 ml   |  91 proof   |  $42.00

whiskey_ryeMcKenzie Rye Whiskey

McKenzie Rye Whiskey is made from local rye grain and is distilled using old-time techniques. We age this whiskey in new charred oak casks and finish in sherry barrels from local wineries. The sherry balances the spiciness of the rye and also gives a nod to the wine region where this whiskey is produced. Master Distiller Thomas Earl says: “A fine, old fashioned rye: spicy and full of character. See what ya’ll think, I ain’t feelin’ too poetic today.”
750 ml   |  91 proof   |  $42.00

ny honeyCatskill Provisions New York Honey

New York Honey is our handcrafted rye infused with late-summer honey produced in the Northwest Catskill Mountains. It makes for a smooth, wonderfully complex spirit with rich notes of toffee, vanilla and smoky spice. With a hint of mellow sweetness that rounds out the edges, Master Distiller Thomas Earl says: “We took some of our very best rye, combined it with lovely, flowery honey to produce a slightly sweet, spicy drink. Good for what ails you. This stuff is the bees knees. That is if bees drank rye.”
750 ml   |  80 proof   |  $45.00