The Whiskey Situation


Sad to say, we are officially out of Bourbon. The last 3 cases moved out of our tasting room yesterday afternoon.

Fortunately, Rye Batch #2 is here to save the day. We are bottling it fast and furiously and have some available in the tasting room today. It tastes very similar to Batch #1. One subtle difference is a strong note of honey. When we were fermenting the grains that went into this batch almost a year ago, we noticed a honey smell. Apparently, this continued through our distillation and barrel aging program.

Like Batch #1, we also finished in local sherry barrels which gives a little sweetness and a raisin-like quality to this otherwise spicy whiskey.

We’re really happy with the result and hope you can find some time to come out and try (and buy!) it.

One Response to "The Whiskey Situation"
  1. Thank you Martha and thank you Finger Lakes Distilling, your McKenzie Rye is excellant. I love scotch but this poduct is local and supports NYS farmers, I think I may have found an excellant replacement (sorry Scotland). Please keep up the good work, I look foreward to a visit to the distillery.

    Mary Fowler
    Cape Elizabeth, Maine